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However, he uses the cellphone given by Luis, and the next morning pays the contact 25,000 dollars for the Volkswagen Beetle. He later goes to his and Gemma's burglarized house, where he expresses concern over his safe being stolen. Clarence "Clay" Morrow is a fictional character and the secondary antagonist of the FX television series Sons of Anarchy.. She'll meet him at 3 P.M. At TM, Clay tells Juice he knows he's the one who found the legal stuff in the vent. He pays off two guards to allow him to chat with Gemma, but when the visit is over the guards demand to watch Clay and Gemma have sex while they masturbate. These women were Mexican prostitutes "owned" by the club's Sergeant-at-Arms, Tig. Toric is later killed by Otto with the shank Clay gave him and Otto is killed by the guards in response. He punches one in the face exclaiming "Idiots! Gemma was the widow of Clay Morrow, widow of John teller, and mother of Jax Teller. He is later shown moving legal documents given to him by the Nomads to another location, to protect himself from the Club finding out the important evidence of his betrayal. Juice's guilt eats at him. Luis, Romero's right hand man gives Clay a cellphone with his contact to kill Tara. Clay says Gemma can confirm it. Clay knew what was coming and after the two men locked eyes, Jax told Clay the club had voted "unanimously" for this action. Unfortunately for Clay on Tuesday night, the number came up 10. Tig and Juice steal a truck to transport the guns. Jax confirms this, and Clay accepts his fate. Faction Two Mayan soldiers are gunned down by Tig and the shotgun-toting barman. Clay and Jax visit Otto in prison and he tells them that Chuck will inform them where the Triads keep their money in exchange for their continuing protection after his release. He would be absent for the following episode as well, finally reappearing in the episode after that, John 8:32. Clay appeared in all episodes of the series until Sweet and Vaded, in which he did not appear. Clay has custom T-Bars and high risers for his handlebars. Clay's death at the hands of Jax is absolutely the most satisfying and well-done moment of the season, and it is with the former SAMCRO President's death that Jax's story enters its final act. As he's firing the gun he turns and shoots Putlova's bodyguards and Jax stabs Putlova to death as revenge for trying to kill him in prison. Shot him in the throat! The pair retrieve the corpses from the police site and burn them in a furnace. Like most of the SAMCRO motorbikes he has the drag fairing on the front. Later in the episode, the Sons ambushed the Mayan convoy containing Zobelle and Clay spared Alvarez's life. He would appear in the next two episodes, with his last appearance being Aon Rud Persanta. In "Andare Pescare", the club is shown discovering that Frankie is hiding with a Mafia family, paying them money stolen from Nero. Instead of starting a war, Clay decided to negotiate; SAMCRO exchange Chuck and the plates for $60,000. When the club goes to Arizona and meets the Tucson charter, SAMTAZ, he demands that the charter stop dealing meth. The Sons of Anarchy find their weapon storage warehouse burned down. Clay then asks Jax what his next move is, who tells Clay that they plan to settle with the Irish. He later demands a sit-down with Gemma and Jax before he signs the deal. Jax then shoots Clay in the throat - much to Gemma's horror, which causes him to bleed out and fall to the floor while everyone sorrowfully looks on. He is shown, for unknowns reasons, trying to save Jax from Romeo, and warns him to work with the Cartel long enough to make the club legitimate and leave. Clay sends Chibs, Happy, and Tig to kill the witness at a safe house in San Joaquin. @DarthMaulrats: Which death was harder for you last week, Clay Morrow or Brian Griffin from Family Guy? The club's rules (due to having him killed a member) means they must vote on kicking him out. SAMCRO (former) Also in the end of the episode, as Tara is reading John Teller's letters to Maureen Ashby, John Teller says he fears that Clay and Gemma will kill him, leading to much speculation that Clay and Gemma killed John Teller. Clay is shown to have gotten out of the hospital, but requires an oxygen tank due to his lung injury. He later helps Gemma take care of a dead body (Nero's half sister Carla), and the two seem to be on better terms. Clay's motorcycle is a 2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide with a forward facing canon air filter, taped thunder header exhaust and a 96 cubic inch twin cam motor. He and the rest of the crew later arrange the bodies to make it look like Clay had a falling out with the Irish and they all died in a shoot out. The end of the episode shows Bobby going to Clay and Gemma's house to talk to him about "Trying to keep you alive". The sadness in Clay's eyes is powerful as he is in the hospital. Status In the episode "Turas", when SAMCRO are nearly killed by a bomb hidden in a gun shipment put there by the SAMBEL Vice President, Jax has a shell-shocked vision of his biological father speaking to him but it turns out to actually be Clay. If you notice, when he's stripped of his patch, it's when he's in the hospital after taking two bullets in the torso from Opie Winston. Jax is unhappy that Clay did not tell him about the plan, and tells him to always inform him on his future motives. Numerous prominent characters have been killed over the years, though none who were as central to the original core cast as Clay. Originally, actor Scott Glenn was cast as Clay. Jax came close to killing Clay last season. That night he decides to sleep in the clubhouse,in the next episode Call of Duty Jax confronts Clay about about Gemma's beating he tells him it's between him & her & to keep his nose out of his business, Jax responds by saying that this is not over. Although initially shocked, Clay follows Jax and the rest of the crew out of the office after being informed that the club had voted to kill Galen and his men. Jax, Piney and Opie decide to kill Meineke and his gang to keep them from "snitching" if they are apprehended. Clay Morrow may have deserved to die, but there probably isn’t a fan who was completely eager to see the big guy go — Ron Perlman was that good at … Clay is visited by retired U.S. Marshall Lee Toric, the brother of the nurse Otto Delaney killed. They find their guns at an industrial storage warehouse. Playing a recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons, Clay initially appeared as a main character and protagonist in the first three seasons, gradually became the primary antagonist of Season 4, the secondary antagonist of Season 5 and a secondary antagonist-turned-anti-hero of Season 6, and, due to his actions in the later seasons and previously unknown involvement with Gemma in the death of John Teller, the secondary antagonist of the entire series. Laroy needs the guns to protect his cargo from another motorcycle club, the Mayans. However, just as they steal the money and counterfeiting plates, the Triads arrive. Trammel claims that propane tanks inside the building blew up, and suspects arson due to finding bootprints inside. Sons of Anarchy is a FANDOM TV Community. During the attack Bobby is shot by the transport officer. Born in Pittsburgh, PA on April 29, 1961, he was the son of the late Charles S. and Edna Louise Young Morrow. Clay is shown in his home sipping coffee with his blacked out SOA tattoos and his handgun. After retrieving the last brick of cocaine that Juice had stolen framing it into Miles, Clay asks Romeo for help killing Tara, to keep the secret of the letters hidden. At the beginning of the season, Clay is being held in protective custody after his arrest for Damon Pope's murder. Male Galen enlists Samcro to assist in attacking his transport truck to free him. In the first episodes we see that Clay is still saddened by the loss of Abel, and is willing to help Jax at all cost. However, the corpses have already been identified. After Gemma sends Chuckie off to run some errands, Clay tells Gemma he's leaving with Galen for Ireland at 4:30 P.M. Gemma tells him her suitcase is in the car. Clayton S. Morrow, 59, of Mars passed away Monday evening, Sept. 7, 2020, at UPMC Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh. Clay is brought in for questioning about the recent shootings by Unser. end in the SOA's favor. He then cuts the President's patch off of Clay's cut. Clay appeared in all episodes of the series until. Central characters are listed in italics.Main villains are listed in bold. Clay was later released because no evidence was … He was the youngest of the first nine, and one of only three who were not war veterans. He then meets with Alvarez and brokers a deal; the Sons will sell guns to the Mayans, and all Mayan-SOA disputes (over turf, businesses, etc.) He asks the club to hunt the rapist down and kill him, in exchange for money. However, Frankie is quickly gunned down by the enraged Mafia Don for killing one of his men before he can tell them anything he wants to tell them. He leaves the markings of the cartel to make it seem like they were responsible for the murder. Clay used to be president of the club, a position now held by Jax. Clay carries out the punishment, wearing gloves. He's also it's youngest original member. When Juice (who saw GoGo and Greg go to Unser's trailer) asks Clay what is happening, Clay denies involvement.

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