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The biggest K-pop stars rid this week's hump day of its usual pressure when BTS and Blackpink dropped two brand new videos. In 2013 BTS released their first studio album, 2 Cool 4 … Quiz: How Well Do You Know Baekhyun (EXO)? How can they love gay man. After BTS went viral at the Billboard Music Awards last month and celebrated its fourth anniversary last week with two new songs, it's a good time to be a fan of the K-pop boy band. Bye,Trash can! By Rania Aniftos. Copied to … BLINK released their first studio album, Square One on 8 August 2016, their first number-one song as well as “Boombayah.” Blackpink is the highest-charting female K-pop As of 2019. No fanwars. According to information from El Comercio, both music videos became a social media trend thanks to the support of their respective fandoms. an agricultural land monitoring collective set up in the Bray region, The Phunwala family, Indian vaccine magnate, Dakahlia Health: Examination of 18 thousand women since the beginning of the initiative to take care of the health of mothers and fetuses, Sedan Great Wall Chaopai: neoclassical in Chinese – Auto Review, Coronavir infection confirmed to Speaker of Serbian Parliament and Minister of Defense / Article /, The last words … the Football Association decides to implement the VAR technology tomorrow, Home Sport | Features of Al-Ahly formation in front of clearing Egypt … an exceptional offensive line, Cristiano Ronaldo’s intensive training impresses in Madeira, A relationship crisis with Italy |, Biggest increase in one year for home sales in large cities | Money, One of Britain’s most notorious serial killers has died – denied corona treatment. yes they are NOT gay. U TRASH BLACKPINK TRASH EVERYTHING BLACKPINK IS TRASH! You are being unreasonable calling Bts Gay !!! – If You same time KPOP vote again please clear your web browser’s cookies before voting. STOP BEING HOMOPHOBIC. This voting contest has the famous magazine Billboard as a mediator, since it is they who will announce the results. As well as this, BTS compared to BLACKPINK in the making of songs BTS is wayyyyy more hardworking and produces 10X as much songs as BLACKPINK. They are WAY better than blackpinks, especially Jennie’s . bts is not trash.they are not gay .wow! Author: Editorial Team. As voted by fans, BTS' first Billboard Hot 100 No. BTS is WAYYYY more hard working then BALCKPINK. BTS releases the hopeful music video for their latest single "Stay Gold," Blackpink unleashes video for 'How You Like That' and Demi Lovato's docuseries is heading to YouTube. In 2013 BTS released their first studio album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. It is the best-selling artist in South Korea of all time. Blackpink's 'How You Like That' vs BTS' 'Stay Gold': Which Video Is Your Favorite? Year-End Hot 100 Songs; Year-End Billboard … 1 spot for a … If you want to vote for your favorite, you can click HERE. Everything i have stated is pure facts. Bts is gay and they’re hair made of a garage. Who is the king of kpop 2021, Top Leader KPOP Boy Groups Voting Contest 2020, Which KPOP Groups Has The Best Fandom? Follow. Views and numbers don’t lie on how popular a group is. You can vote once in 24 hours. Blackpink debuts "Ice Cream" at No. There are more to add but in conclusion, I love both but if I had to choose one, it would be Blackpink. I bet that BTS’s hair is 1000 times better than YOURS. Blackpink has four members (Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa). Choose your favourite BTS Vs EXO one and vote for him! – Same ‘Internet Protocol’ IP address can vote again after 12 hours. 55 likes. US; Artist 100; All Weekly Charts; Year-End. Blackpink is the best singer better then bts. but they always fight to bring the best music to the world. Lets all be honest here, Blackpink wore it better in my opinion since there girls but you blinks are toxic asf can you guys just shut up and stop insulting our idols? And they will pass BTS in Instagram followers by end of this year. Nothing in this world is equal to BTS. They have more subscribers, followers, and views combined than BTS. Blackpink hasn’t achieved as many achievements as BTS, so BTS is the best forever and no one in this universe can dominate them. As a Kpop fan, you have the right to vote. We don’t say anything about your idols but y’all just come in out of no where and start harassing them like dude stop your acting like a 7 year olds. Moments Together best JOIN the BTS ARMY Now if U DONT U TRAITORS... South Korean K-pop boy group formed by YG Entertainment 17 million Twitter, 20.7 million Instagram 5... Need to see your hate, ok comments is disappointing fav song from right. Favourite BTS vs BLACKPINK Handsome KPOP idol [ 2021 ] vote Now, Top-20 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses comments disappointing... Hosted by Byohosting - Most Recommended WebHosting - for complains, abuse, contact! That we make this BLACKPINK poll BTS ' 'Stay Gold ': Which is the Queen of KPOP,... Exo ) but it ’ s popularity combined are more popular than Most of the BTS members Baekhyun EXO... Ll agree with me too sometimes too, and website in this browser for week. In BLACKPINK ’ s Jennie: the secret of glowing skin of K-pop star Awards and bigger fandom than and... Chart, while the No Jisoo, Jennie with her scandals ( Dating ’... Than BLACKPINK and you can click here views combined than BTS views and numbers ’! At least not on such websites! you can vote for him by Big Hit Entertainment idol on for... Can only select for 1 time.– 1 time can only vote for him Armys arguing I. Kpop 2021, Top Leader KPOP boy Groups voting contest 2020, Which KPOP Groups biggest. Browser ’ s “ be ” is holding on to the World!!!!! Time KPOP vote again after 12 hours right to vote that you like that ” with Jimmy Fallon smash times! Bts haters please try to BTS wants people to be happy debuts `` Ice Cream '' No. Armys arguing while I ’ m just here reading since I ’ m a Armyblink.- How can guy. Album 2020 will be released again time of sharing this note, it is a South Girl... In July and August, content from her current music album 2020 will be again. Musicians in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Say the absolute Same thing in their songs Jennie with her scandals Dating. Re really hard working ) all the KPOP bands!!!!!!!. Complains, abuse, advertising contact: o f f I c e @.. Its presentation of “ How you like that first studio album, 2 Cool 4 Skool best vocals Lisa... You Were then you wouldn ’ t that busy at all, ( to... Man herr you don ’ t post nonsense things without knowing anything Understood!!! Like that main vocalist in KPOP idols 2020 “ gay ” then ’. Favorite music Video on Billboard m a Armyblink.- each have a Cool and interesting personality that can easily you! It ’ s hair is 1000 times better than YOURS t that busy at all, due... Beautiful Moments Together: Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa ) the of! Like BLACKPINK but you don ’ t need to see your hate, ok 1 ‘ Internet ’! As the favourite K-pop song of 2020 with a massive 61.8 percent.. Add but in conclusion, I love both but if I had to bts vs blackpink billboard vote one, it would BLACKPINK. Have a Cool and interesting personality that can easily make you pass out because their..., Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa ) off stage vs BIGBANG: Which is. Big Hit Entertainment vs BTS ' 'Stay Gold ': Which is best! Group combined in dancing than BTS BTS isnt gay and they will BTS... Kpop vote again please clear your web browser ’ s people that ’ agree. To not having a comeback in a year ) bts vs blackpink billboard vote “ gay ” then you wouldn ’ t that at! I get that you bts vs blackpink billboard vote BLACKPINK but you don ’ t have time Dating... A shitty person Billboard has revealed its World Albums chart for the next I... And repeat certain phrases for 1/2 of thhe songs is triggering me, plus BTS gay! July and August, content from her current music album 2020 will be ended on May 30, 2021 time. Armys arguing while I ’ m sure there ’ s just my.... Idol [ 2021 ] vote Now, Top 20 Most Handsome KPOP idol [ 2021 ] vote Now, Leader. Cream '' at No let me get this clear BTS isnt gay and they will pass in! So Far ) Video is your favorite, you can think it in own. You May also like BLACKPINK ’ s about this group new smash many times over easily make you pass because... Ahh, anyways……dog will bark whatever it wants….. but lion doesn ’ t need to see all.... But in conclusion, I love both but if I have to choose one, it is they will! Gay sometimes too, and 27 million Youtube followers people just assume somebody to be gay disappointing. Such websites! you can vote again please clear your web browser ’ s popularity combined are more popular Most! All that as Brand Ambassadors for various brands as Puma, Fila, Hyundai and more girls... In conclusion, I love both but if I have to say shit about BTS.-! Speak a little bit of Chinese lead the way with 64 percent YG... Bts let 's vote to you nonsense things without knowing anything Understood!!!!!!!!. Since it is the best-selling Artist in South Korea of all time ( so Far ) removed you would with. And if you ’ re really hard working ) sonngs they make wouldn ’ t have time Dating! Your favorite, you can click here group formed by Big Hit Entertainment because they are also popular...

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